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This megasite is your center on the World Wide Web for the latest news and information on the whole spectrum of rock music. WWW.RockWorld will feature the whole history of rock and its performers--from 50's Elvis, Alan Freed, Little Richard and Chuck Berry to 60's Motown, Beatles, Stones, Airplane and The Dead, right up to Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Billy Joel, Neil Young, Springsteen, Guns 'n' Roses, Melissa Etheridge, Primus, Madonna and REM. You'll find rockabilly, blues, folk rock, glitter, alternative, disco, techno, and house...all here.

There will be reviews by rock critics, WWW.RockWorld's Managing Editor, Don Fass, plus VH-1, MTV, CNN Music News, concert schedules, road reports, discographies and exclusive interviews with your favorite artists.